Monte Carlo Vodka is distilled and bottled in Cognac, France. In today’s modern market consumers are looking deeper into a quality, and have discovered the importance of the distillation and filtration process, which has a direct influence on the quality and the final result of the beverage.


Monte Carlo vodka is a record breaking  9 times distilled and 7 times filtered. This is the highest possible number in the distillation process.

Average vodkas go through 1 to 3 distillations. Sometimes this occurs in repeated distillations or isolated stills are used.

The last distillation method is known as pot still, and it is used for the production of Monte Carlo Vodka.


The size of the stills also has an influence on the quality of the vodka. You cannot compare a distillation that occurs in a space of 60 meters to another one that takes place in a space of 5 meters. The capacity of the stills depends on the type of production, if the distillery is more industrial or if they give more importance to the process than to the product itself.


Vodka lovers should pay attention to all parts of the production process but there is a great importance in the filtrationespecially to the material used for the filters. Normally it is wooden but it can also be made out of apple tree, birch or french oak, as it is the case with Monte Carlo Vodka, thus the difference in the result.